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First post in a new and empty blog. I will be filling this new home up with my ramblings about science. While primarily my focus will undoubtedly be about space and astronomy, I will also include all manner of tidbits from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, anything science, and maybe a little Mathematics slipped in somewhere too. I think science is something that is incredibly fascinating, and everyone should take an interest in where our human knowledge base is going.

Now, this does not mean that I necessarily believe everyone needs to be a scientist or make a living through research or always surround themselves with every bit of science fact and news they come across. (Though, don’t get me wrong, it would be cool!) However, what it does mean is that I have two goals for everyone out there: appreciate the knowledge we have gained from science and how it has enriched our lives, and realize that (borrowing from Dr. Brian Cox) Science isn’t just for stuffy old men walking around in long white coats, everyone can be apart of science.

I personally believe that many of Science’s greatest and coolest phenomenon can be grasped by anyone with an easy to approach conversation and the removal of the “I just can’t understand this”/”This is just too hard for someone like me” mantra. Therefore, with this site, I invite everyone around to discover cool things about Science and to take part in commentary as well. I hope this becomes a hub of learning and a spring board for science enthusiasm.

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